Friday, May 3, 2013

Marker Landscapes

So I bought some fancy markers recently. Copic markers. Not your Crayola non-toxic shove-up-your-nose toddler markers. Nope, these are badass, come in a zillion colors, imported from japan, expensive markery goodness. I've never really worked in marker before, a lot of the skill comes in layering the colors, so it's a bit like watercoloring in that you work light to start and layer the colors for a rich, organic effect.
I've done a couple of mini landscapes to test out the new set. I'm thinking these would be good for rough comps to bigger oil paintings I might do.

The cap colors lie... gotta do a lot of little tests before committing. Also, check out the super-long new sketchbook I bought too.

I call this "Standard American Landscapes"

A farm after a storm.


  1. Pretty sweet for a brand new medium. Nice work.

  2. Dang... markers are all I use and I'm pretty sure I couldn't produce things like this.